Superior Tube Products, Inc. is a contract manufacturing company specializing in supplying high quality fabricated tubing parts and welded assemblies to top OEMs.

We are a supplier upon whom you can trust to reliably provide cost effective, high quality components for critical applications in your high end products.

With our proven track record of being a Just In Time (JIT) manufacturer with a near perfect record for on time deliveries of forecast parts, and with our dedication to continuous improvement through our Quality Assurance Program, you can trust Superior Tube Products, Inc. to help insure your success in the marketplace.

Please browse our website to review our capabilities that include tube bending, tube laser cutting (before or after bending), and robotic welding. Or contact us today to discuss your requirements, and to take the first step toward Superior Tube Products becoming your Complete Tube Fabricator.

Our Mission:
"To meet all customers' expectations in design support, consistent quality, and delivery"
Superior Tube Products can produce welded assemblies for you. Click this picture to learn more about our robotic and hand welding capability.
Tube Laser Cutting, after bending or before bending, is one of our advanced capabilities. Click to see videos of In-line Tube Laser and 3D 6 Axis Laser Cutting in action.
With a combination of CNC rotary draw tube bending, custom press bending, and push bending we bend many shapes and sizes of tubing. Click to find out more details.
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